the loft — a sitcom about two dysfunctional best friends who live above a liquor store and might be in love. maybe. we’re not sure. blaine, a tv writer who quit her last three jobs while muttering the word manpain (kristen stewart), and may, a web designer who doesn’t actually ever seem to do any work (elizabeth olsen), somehow manage to scrap together the rent every week — lest their scary-yet-gorgous landlady, ms. chapel (connie britton), come knocking. especially since she doesn’t know about tillie (imogen poots), who more often than not crashes on their couch and eats their cereal. out of the box. but that’s okay, because it gives them reason to go knocking on the door of their model neighbour, wendy (shay mitchell), which is always a bonus. 

happy birthday, blaine!

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